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Reviews of Sharon's Massage Therapy Southampton

These are actual reviews from current and former clients of Sharons Massage Therapy Southampton.

Emma Daniel - 12 Dec 11

5 star treatment! Sharon is everything I was looking for in a therapist. Being one myself makes me extra picky. Sharon got the treatment just right and for the first time I didn't leave a massage feeling bruised and sore but great and looking forward to the next one. To enhance all this was a warm room, candles and peaceful music....perfect. Looking forward to next time.

Sophie & Daniel - 08 Dec 11

Just Fantastic! A spa experience at home. Sharon makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I have had massages all over the world and she competes with the best. Instead of just giving you a massage she actually listens to you and works on your problem areas. Great experience at a great price!!!!

Jade Shek - 05 Dec 11

Sharon is amazing. I have been having massages since a young age and have become extremely picky with massages over the years and found it very difficult to find a perfect therapist ever since moving to the UK. I previously had to see physiotherapists & chiropractors for my tight shoulder problems and lower back pain, but Sharon never fails to loosen all my knots after each session leaving me feeling relaxed and recovered. She is extremely professional and knows her anatomy inside out, hence being able to identify and target specific muscles that are causing problems. I never moved onto another therapist and definitely recommend her to everyone!

Simone Clarke - 04 Dec 11

Being a runner and exercise fanatic I am always prone to injuries. Sharon has given me massages Pre run & Post run often. Especially when I over do it. Sports massage and manipulating my vertebra when it's out of line. Not being able to drive because of health reasons it is also great that she is mobile. Reasonable offers and prices are also helpful. I would recommend her to everyone.

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SouthamptonEastleighHedge EndWinchesterBotleyFair OakWickhamFarehamHamble
SouthamptonEastleighHedge EndWinchesterBotleyFair OakWickhamFarehamHamble