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Reviews of Sharon's Massage Therapy Southampton

These are actual reviews from current and former clients of Sharons Massage Therapy Southampton.

Joanne Seymour - 20 Mar 12

I have had a full body massage with Sharon and cannot recommend her enough. I have back problems and Fibromyalgia which means I can only tolerate a gentle touch and she was perfect !! Gentle enough not to hurt but firm enough to be comfortable. She listened to my concerns and carried out the massaged which made going back to her a definate plan!

sugarflick - 10 Mar 12

I am astounded that somebody could fix me in one go ! sugaring all day everyday, takes its toll on your body especially at my age, I am no spring chicken. I have regular sports massages but the other day I pulled my back and I was in agony, 30 mins later I was back to work! I have had a fantastic response from my clients who have used Sharon, some of who had met her before me, seems this lady is causing quite a stir ! Highly recommend.

Missy - 08 Mar 12

I couldn't be more impressed. I would recommend her to anyone! Had my first massage and consultation yesterday and she was brilliant. I have had a few massages before at local beauticians but never at this standard, she new exactly what she was doing and really got me feeling a lot looser. Sharon knows her stuff. I have already booked in for another appointment.

TurquoiseSouthampton - 07 Mar 12

Sharon is very knowledgeable. I have Fibromyalgia and finding someone who understands all the muscle groups and layers is fantastic.

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SouthamptonEastleighHedge EndWinchesterBotleyFair OakWickhamFarehamHamble
SouthamptonEastleighHedge EndWinchesterBotleyFair OakWickhamFarehamHamble