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Massages Southampton - Stress Relief Back Neck & Shoulder Southampton

Back Neck & Shoulder Massage in Southampton

Massage Southampton

Proactive Osteopathy & Sports Massage Southampton stress relief massage will help you relieve the tension of a stressful day. Your head, neck and hands are the zones that increase tension first. The massage is targeted at those areas.

Our stress relief massage combines elements of a Deep Tissue and Swedish massage to concentrate on tension of the back, neck and shoulders.

Bad posture; sitting cramped over a desk; hunched over a steering wheel; illness such as asthma, can all cause strain and tension in the neck and shoulders. These areas are prone to stiffness and accumulate tension due to chest muscles shortening and contracting causing the muscles in the upper back to become overstretched resulting in rounded shoulders and tight inflexible muscles in the neck and upper back.

Sharon's back, neck and shoulder massage will relieve muscle aches and pains leaving you feeling more relaxed with a noticeable improvement in flexibility of shoulder joints and a greater range of movement of neck muscles.

Starting with back and shoulders and finishing with neck, you will feel completely relaxed and muscle tension greatly reduced.

Benefits & Effects of Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage in Southampton:

Massage SouthamptonMassage brings renewed mobility in the neck and shoulder region
Massage SouthamptonAlleviates stiff neck and shoulder muscles promoting flexibility
Massage SouthamptonImproved blood circulation
Massage SouthamptonRelaxes mind and body
Massage SouthamptonRelief of pain and stress

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SouthamptonEastleighHedge EndWinchesterBotleyFair OakWickhamFarehamHamble
SouthamptonEastleighHedge EndWinchesterBotleyFair OakWickhamFarehamHamble